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  1. Actually, it IS up to them to tell me because there are no laws and regulations against that. I live in a free country. We are more liberal than the US is concerning many issues. When I inquire at a store if a game is going to be censored or not they just laugh at me, because nothing is required to be censored here. It is considered oppressive and my government never does it. Meanwhile, the coverage I was able to follow only mentioned censorship in Australia and Germany. For all intends and purposes, I had no reason to think they would force a censored version down my throat.
  2. Which is crazy. There is no way to get my money back and order the US version. I'd have to pay an additional 50 €. If there was somehow no other way to give me an unedited version (which I think is doubtful; no law in my country prohibits depiction of anything this is regarding) then at least give me a head up before I buy it. A wrapper around the packaging saying something like: Warning: European version is censored; would have been enough for me.
  3. Enjoying the game blah blah blah; positive opening. Let me cut to the chase. The small things can really ruin a game for me. Something like cutting out content that everyone gets to play and I don't for no reason whatsoever, is seriously pissing me off. My country holds no weird laws for what may be depicted in a videogame like some others in Europe. Most countries here do not. In fact, we have much more lenient guidelines than the US as far as violence , drugs and especially sex is concerned. But because a couple countries in Europe do have special laws, you decide to censor it for EVE
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