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  1. I've been playing well over an hour now, lol very awkwardly but I'm loving the game so far! I really hope they patch in the option for binds too I know I'd be enjoying the game so much more if I could play comfortably! I know in general a lot of people like to tweak their keybindings, even right handed players, so it just seems so silly that they aren't in the PC version to begin with.
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if Obsidian staff read/monitor these forums? Either way, I have the PC version of the game, as I do the majority of my gaming on PC and the last thing I thought I would have to worry about was whether the game would have the option to change keybinds or not >.> Being left handed and USING my left hand on the mouse means I rebind all my keys to the opposite side of the keyboard (IJKL instead of WASD). I was just wondering if there was ANY way possible for me to get past this road block? I simply can't just swap my mouse to the other side
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