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  1. Warning: contains late game spoilers! After I beat Craig in the tower (destroying 2 of the 3 cows) my screen goes black and the Terrence and Philip loader on the right hand of the screen doesn't go away. I know I can still move around because I was able to go back out the way I came (not the way I was supposed to go). I tried walking back in and the game got stuck on the loading screen. I tried quitting the game with the task manager and continuing, and it again got stuck on the loading screen. I reloaded to the point before the Craig battle, and after I defeated him I managed to walk through the way I was supposed to go (I assume, again screen is black at this point). When I went through I saw a bunch of characters (Mr. Slave, Cartman, etc.) standing in the hallway between the throne room and the fire escape, but they just stood there and my character never appeared. No matter what I do I can't get past this point.
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