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  1. It turns out I have fixed it (and potentially found the problem). I use a 5.1 speaker system, the problem I found was that voices in cutscenes only play out of the middle speaker, which is the softest speaker, and the music/sound effects, play out of the side speakers, the loudest ones. I have a button on my setup that fakes stereo sound (funnels all sound to come out of the 2 front side speakers). This button didn't work for me. But what I did do was go into my audio settings and change my speakers default to stereo (windows 7, control panel -> sound -> right click speakers or what ever you use -> configure speakers -> stereo), and now voices work fine. Sucks that I have to lose surround sound though. Hope this helps!
  2. I have the same problem on PC. The audio on voices is almost silent, while the music and sound effects are normal. And it's only in cutscenes, characters the world sound fine, but once a cutscene starts there's no voices. I have also tried that sound mixer thing and it didn't work for me.
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