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  1. Hey guys. Personally, I think you've made 10/10 game out of South Park and I must congratulate you for that. You guys are awesome! I just found one thing that anoyed me a little. It's when you do the dancing for Goth kids! You need to press buttons acordingly and it showes you UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT. The problem is - you can't do it on W S A D (movement keys), but you need to switch to "arrowed" keys which you don't use for entire game! So I thought it was a bug, cause I was looking on video walkthrogh for console version and then I just tried that, after one hour of frustration! It's not a big thing, but it would be nice for new players not to have that experience as myself.
  2. Ok, as I see things, drivers for some audio cards are ****ed up. It's turning 7.1 by auto when you're using 2 channels (aka 2 speakers or handset). So you need to change that default thing - mine is "Speakers (SB live 24-bit)" - to Digital Audio Interface (or whatever secondary option that is available). So, just under "Device" in mixer (the big window where you adjust all volumes, the first adjuster on left side that is master volume for everything) you just need to switch the default thing to something else (if available!). Can't be more specific than that Anyway, if you only have one option, try installing the newest driver for the sound card and maybe that alone will solve the problem, or at least give you the option to do the switch I was talking about Anyway, tell me if and how you did it Good luck!
  3. I found the solution, man! If you're using Windows 7, left click on sound mixer (next to "time"), then "Mixer" then under "Device" set to Digital Sound Interface instead of whatever else is set (mine is "Speakers..."). You can also set this in Control Pannel. You just need to switch the sound "thing" to Digital Sound Inteface. I don't know why, but it works for me!
  4. Same for me here and I thought I was the only one! Help!
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