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  1. This thread has taken a turn for the worst. And as I read more Q&A's over this game and the subject of companion interaction and romances, I truly feel like I will not play PoE anymore. I've really discovered that story and characters are my number one requirement in RPG's and to hear that Josh won't include romances because they're "too time consuming" or "too difficult to implement correctly" - while straightforward - seems like a cop-out. If they can spend time shooting for Baldur's Gate level of interaction with companions, then going the extra distance and implementing romances sh
  2. Obsidian is not 'getting it only half right'. They simply have a different approach to characters than Bioware. You seem to prefer Bioware's approach, which is perfectly fine. Although your praise for the Dragon Age 2 companions being independent and not subservient to the player is pretty amusing considering most of them can be bedded regardless of the player character's gender or sexuality. And you can fill their romance meter by giving them gifts. Please tell me what Obsidian does differently with their companions. Please, tell me how New Vegas companions are better?
  3. Actually, I think now we're on to something. I agree with you that it is a lot more interesting to have companions that share different views and may disagree with you completely - maybe to the point of not joining you or stabbing you in the back. I loved Alpha Protocol. Thought it was so much better than what reviewers said it was. While flawed it had so much potential, and some dynamics of creating friends from enemies and enemies from friends would be a cool aspect to try in other games as well. Heck, I'll even ease off romance. But I'd rather have complex characters and companion
  4. I'm going on a limb here and say you have no idea who you're talking to. "As you remember"... LOL. Simply said; No. I admit hating DA2, so it's chars are not known to me that well.Mordin was pretty funny. So was HK-47. So was Heck. Hell, looks like I remember the funny chars more than the romancable ones. I wonder why... Thank got BioWare didn't decide to make HK-51 (yay for ignoring OE again) romancable. But also a lot less funny or memorable . And butchered their own HK-47 too. Thane, Legion and the DA:O crew is pretty, how do I say it, forgettable? Only Garrus was awesome, in ME1 that
  5. Oh, for sure. Minsc and Irenicus will always have a place in my heart as one of the greatest creations from gaming. Nothing stops great writing and great characters. However, I don't think that Romance hurt Baldur's Gate. Because I'm still drawn to Viconia and Jaheira because of their romances. Without those I'd probably never use those characters. Looking at CDProjeckt, I think the Witcher 2 was one of the greatest games I've played. I didn't get pissed that Geralt and Triss had a romance. I don't get pissed that Geralt is searching for Yennefer. It actually adds to the game for me. It ro
  6. Hey NanoPaladin, I agree with you. I wish Romances would be included and I'm actually amazed at how many people hate them in these forums. To me, romance was the difference between Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate. It's why I don't remember any of New Vegas' companions. Yet, why so many people care about and recognize the companions that Bioware has created (Thane, Garrus, Kaiden, Fenris, Alistair, Anders, etc). I think that the best thing that Dragon Age 2 did was perfect the companion system with their Rivalry vs Friendship mechanic. No matter how you played, you influenced you
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