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  1. Found a workaround: Switch the game to windowed mode and resize the window until it is small enough that the framerate is smooth. After that, the cutscene works perfectly. Only problem is that now the dialogue window is too small to be able to read the whole text, so this is only a temporary solution until a patch for us poor people with low-end graphics is released. Also, I couldn't find where the game puts the log file in my Linux GOG install. It doesn't seem to be anywhere...
  2. Here is mine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7uYUQHYi8A0dktkUFRsYURGOVU/view?usp=sharing GOG Linux build, running on Debian testing "Jessie". Specs: 4GB RAM 2.6GHZ dual-core Intel Celeron CPU Nvidia GT620 GPU, running the proprietary drivers *edit: Added specs
  3. Same here. Is it specific to the GOG Linux version?
  4. I looked at Pillars of Eternity system requirements at both Steam and Gog and discovered that the required free space on a hard drive differs by 6 GB (20 GB on Steam vs 14 GB on GOG). I wanted to ask why there is this difference - if anything, I would expect the GOG version to need more space (since you need to store both the installer and the actual game, unlike Steam which downloads the game's files directly). I wanted to ask if anyone knows where the extra 6 GB went?
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