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  1. Yes, the "after" screenshot was taken out of combat, immediately after leveling up and choosing the talent. But I'm happy to report that Wary Defender works now. It's strange, but it seems that it needed at least one enemy encounter before it started working. Now, after the encounter it works both in and out of combat. I remember having a similar problem with the priest's Brilliant Radiance and as a result i didn't take it. Maybe the same solution works there too.
  2. 3.06.1254 Steam version The Fighter class talent "Wary Defender" doesn't seem to do anything. This talent only works when the Defender modal ability is enabled. I did check, it's enabled. In game description of Wary defender: Modifies Defender. +5 all defenses except deflection. When i take this talent and then check the character sheet, Wary defender did not add +5 to defenses. The only increase is from the level up. See screenshot before and after.
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