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  1. Hi, first I hope someone from Obsidian reads me, this isn't a new complaint about "sexism" in video games designs, even if I'm female. On the contrary, what I want to say to Obsidian is that I'm waiting impatiently for Pillars but I would be even happier if they put some classic "sexy" female armors in the game for the players that still like classic Fantasy like Frazetta, Clyde Caldwell, Julie Bell...( I don't mean necessarily bikini, but armors shaped for making female sprites pleasant to look at is something I look at before buying a game.) To me sexism is when in real life a woman doesn't have the same rights than a man, not making a video game sprite look nice. And about "realism" well I think it should be a choice, especially when in reality heavily covering armors aren't always the best way to win a battle. Anyway, hope to be read by you guys ! Your work on Pillars of Eternity look great !
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