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  1. Non Disclosure Agreement. They can't say **** publicly about this until the NDA runs out. Would Microsoft ever agree on such transfer of games? I seriously doubt that. Yup, unfortunately the side effect of this happens to be that they get to eat **** till someone talks about it "anonymously". Read your contracts before you sign them people, maybe question the clause that says we as a publisher reserve the right to pull your game off of the marketplace at our whim. Its called cover your butt 101. You might also want to include a clause of your own, where a publisher sabotaging your re
  2. I have zero problem with competition. I'd actually think the market would be great with more competition, but I'm not naive enough to think this is it. This isn't competition, this is a company with deep pockets bullying its way into the marketplace in a massively anti-consumer fashion. Their client, simply put, isn't ready to be a major marketplace. Its broken, gets breached at what feels like a regular fashion.... but it doesn't matter to Epic, nor their CEO. He's goes on stage and says that customer opinions do not matter, a working product (thier store) does not matter... the only thin
  3. Well, add me to the list of not buying this game. I have nothing against Obsidian, and I'm not frothing at the mouth or raging.... but I've got to look out for myself as a customer too. Being forced to use a inferior client, with questionable connections and a history of security breaches and super shady behavior is not benefiting me. It is literally bringing the worse parts of the console wars to the PC marketplace for no reason, well... aside from corporate greed. So, my money goes to something else for now. As for the devs, they should say something. Top of my head, what would p
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