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  1. I too cannot get out of the Hold. I have killed Raedric and want to leave the keep.


    Game crashes on any exit point, To Moat, To Lower Ramparts, To Upper Ramparts, To Siege Platform, To Courtyard.


    Tried with and without the priest robes.


    Im basically stuck here, not impressed!


    EDIT: After following an above post I too have managed to get out:


    1. Open save game file with WinRar

    2. Delete AR_0707_Raedrics_Hold_Ext.lvl

    3. Exit the hold (I went via the Courtyard exit)

    4. Rejoice to be finally outside!


    Overlooked this. I will try it and pray.


    edit: It worked.


    But I am very sceptical about this. It seems to reset some things. I was able to collect some herbs outside of the hold again. Also, Edèr said something he usually says at the first visit of the hold. So the quest state is messed up. This could be harmful sometime.

  2. I have almost the same problem, except reverse. I am inside raedrics hold, doing everything just fine, but when i try to leave, it fails to load the zone i end up at  (black screen + movement cursor after load screen), and clicking anywhere freezes the game.

    That is exactly my problem. I am so glad, I am not the only one, because I guess, it is game breaking. I cannot proceed, or can I?

  3. I think you simply are too low level.


    If I remember correctly, I was level 5 when I encountered Maerwald and the rest of my party was level 4 - I played without hired adventurers, though.


    Enchanting your gear is also a really worthwile preparation and I was quite frankly stunned by the amount of enchants I could already throw out before reaching the first major city.


    While fighting Maerwald, try to spread out as much as possible to get hit less by the AoE and try to use as many disables as possible on him (knock him prone, stun him, etc.).


    Hope that helped a little.



    I am playing on hard, my party was pretty weakened, when I encountered Maerwald. Still killed him first try, although he did a lot of damage with his fire aoe attack. Two of my members had level 2, the others level 3. So how on earth did you have level 5, while Litmusdragon and me were so low level? I am trying to do every quest and every fight to gain experience.

  4. I think this game could be huge. The reviews are stellar so far. It may not be Skyrim huge, but it could be significantly more successful than any past projects from Obsidian. It could very well do for Obsidian what Baldur's Gate did for Bioware. It is conceivable that this project could spawn many expansions, sequels, and spinoffs.


    So I'm just going to say right now that if you guys sell the studio to EA or some other conglomeration of executive a-holes, who know a lot about metrics and demographics, but nothing at all about actually making games, I'm going to be very very very sad. 


    I second that so hard!


    ...Because of it's implications.





    Well, of course it's because of that. Did I express myself a bit clumsy? English is not my native language.


    As for your question, I think this would make sense to do. IIRC, one of their goals was to make the game viable with as many party members as you want to take, including none. So you can take as many companions as you'd like, create your own entire party, or run it solo. Hopefully, this has not changed.


    (or maybe I am remembering the future, as this was not announced yet... :aiee:)


    Let's all hope that.


    Given that party members left at the stronghold will advance at different rates than the active party, I feel it will be safe to assume that the entire sum of a quests experience will be awared across the party, rather than a set value to each individual in more recent Bioware games.


    This is something I worry about. Because this means, you have to care about the number of party members who are in the stronghold. I don't think, there's a good solution for it. But I guess, it's not a real problem, as long as the player is able to dismiss party members (who may join inevitably based on the plot) entirely.

  6. I did a bit of searching, but couldn't find this question anywhere else.

    Currently I am playing Icewind Dale 2 with a single character in the party - and it's a blast. This is only possible, because experience is split evenly between party members. So the fewer characters you have, the more experience each of them will get, making them stronger. This is the essential mechanic that makes it possible to play such a game with an arbitrary number of characters. For me, this is very likely the greatest replay value factor, also, because of it's implications.

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