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  1. Yea, that is the main fail part of both PS4 and xbone. It locks people into having 2 platforms of the current gen and last year gen. Let's face it, just because Sony or MS makes a new console the gaming industry won't put their games in wait. I am a PC gamer for life so I don't have to put up with that. I just run the Windows on my gaming rig and not worry. Consoles disappointed me many years ago and I looked forward with my. PC.
  2. I would join you but I would miss the next Pre-release Alpha of Shroud of the Avatar! March will be the month of SP TSOT!
  3. I cannot wait and am glad it is finally being released this March. Pre-ordered the Grand Wizard edition.
  4. It would of been nice to have it on the true next-gen console, Wii U. Since it is not to be, I will play it on Windows.
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