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  1. Back again! For what it's worth, I was able to get back to playing by unplugging my external monitor. When I started PoE up on just the laptop, it was running exactly as intended, fullscreen at 2560x1440 resolution. From there, I just put it into windowed mode again via the in-game controls and plugged my external monitor back in. I still can't get it to be fullscreen, but now at least I can play the game again in windowed mode!
  2. One more player checking in with a black screen on Mac. The game started in windowed mode for me (I'm running an external 2560x1440 monitor on a Retina MBP), but when I put it into full screen, it goes black and I can only see the cursor. I'm mostly just posting to add one more person onto the list of Mac graphics issues. If any of my troubleshooting works, I'll append this post. Good luck my fellow Mac Eternity-goers!
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