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  1. The three things that were not adressed:

    Xoti permanent lantern buff: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101591-11beta-xoti-lantern-buff/

    AI Editor Wizard - no spells problem: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101543-ai-editor-wizard-problem/

    Missing Nungata: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98944-nungata-is-missing/page-2 (I know that you can fail Final Manouver quest to get her back, but I don't want to)

  2. Hey all,


    Thanks for the posts! As mentioned, we do have this bug in our system for Xoti's Lantern currently under investigation. Appreciate letting us know its still showing up in 1.1.






    I don't know if it helps in searching for answer but I noticed that are 2 auras which are provided by Xoti lantern:

    1. Xoti Lantern - wchich gives wrong and permanent magic resistance (even without Xoti)

    2. Light of the Dawnstar - it gives accurate magic resistance and as far as I notice not permanent

    It's easy to notice if you hover mouse over PC or companion portrait. Each character gets one. Maybe this will help.

  3. I experienced this issue in 1.02 and reported it. Hope it can be addressed as once the permanent buff's on your character, the Unity Console mod is the only way to get rid of it (and most players are probably unaware of it.)


    I've tried unity console, but I cannot find this ability on the list, although it appears in character sheet. I Itried to add it and then remove but this doesn't works - it simply didn't show. I think that waiting for patch and praying is all I can do. 

  4. Xoti Lantern buff was nerfed. It's ok, but it still not works as intended. Without Xoti in team my main character and companions (not all) have permanent Xoti Lantern buff active - with minimal value 5 percent of magic resistance. When she is in the team only she has correct value of magic resistance.

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