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  1. DESCRIPTION: When transitioning levels the game becomes unresponsive. Windows produces a "Pillars of Eternity is not responding" dialog. STEPS: Open the save Move into the Craft Shop Move out of the Craft Shop. IMPORTANT FILES: DropBox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/51j1vj4zq8mdgjm/Files.7z Contains: Save File, DxDiag, output_log.txt Notes: I've turned down graphics, and resolution, as well as turned off full screen. When I had it set to full screen, I was able to make 1 transition successfully, the next would fail. When I removed full screen the first transition failed. I checked a save game from before this started happening (was pre-1.0.3) and it's happening with that save as well; so only including a single, most recent save.
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