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  1. Oops. I mean "Twin Elms", obviously. I was clearly thinking about the name of a pub when I was writing that post
  2. I just discovered this. Played pretty much all the way to the end of Act 2 with the same party. Celebrated by going to the stronghold to level everyone else up, swapping them in and out of the party by the bedroom upstairs in Brighthollow. Merrily carried on and then needed to fish something out of the inventory in Nine Elms. Found all my pets are gone. All of them. Even the Miniature Giant Space Piglet I got as a KS backer... I'm seriously hacked off. This might not be a "gamebreaker", but it's just taken a dirty great sledgehammer to my enjoyment of the game. It's great to hear that there might be a patch to fix it, but will it correct the mistake? Will we be allowed to add back missing items without triggering the Steam Achievements block that using the console has? Can I get my MGSP back?
  3. Yeah, but the "dismiss and re-recruit" thing is kinda hard to do when you picked a Ranger as your main character. I've had to restart the game as a Rogue. Thank goodness I was only 6 hours into it. Still, not good
  4. I have this problem too... and its worse as my main character is a ranger... It took me ages to kill Raedric and during the course of the fight my lion companion went down. A while later I won the fight and everyone, including the lion, picked themselves off the floor and recovered. Except my ranger. Who is now stuck with Bonded Grief and is USELESS. I'm not happy. Am I going to have to restart the game with a new main character???
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