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  1. Hello, I am experiancing a lot of crashes when attempting to play POE2 Deadfire. The game is crashing during character creation. I get a random color (red, blue, green etc.) screen for a few seconds then the game minimizes to windows. The cursor remains the POE2 curser (little hand) but i can not get the game to return to full screen. I have checked the usual suspects (drivers are up to date, verified game cache in steam, not running other software). I also don't have this problem with other software I have tried running the game as an administrator, that gave me BSOD crash with DXFMMS2.sys being the culprit. It was a System Thread Exception Not Handled error. I have attached the log file of my latest crash. Is there any chance you could help me figure out what is causing this and how to prevent it? I don't have any save game files, I have not got far enough before a crash to save. Thanks 2019-10-06_231126.7z
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