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  1. I have recently played through PoE (twice) and have started Deadfire. I have managed to keep myself mostly unspoiled on the plot and characters. To the point that the reason I played through PoE back to back was because I didn't know I could change decisions and class upon starting Deadfire. I went to Neketaka right after finishing up Port Meje and have been here a while. I have completed multiple quests in each zone. Including the Berathian Priests quest, wizards gloves quest and just finished the old city beneath The Gullet. I have also tried to push Xoti towards Eder.
  2. Good day to you! I recently played and beat PoE and I am now starting Deadfire For PoE, I played a variant of Boeroer's golden dragon build and had a blast with it. (I used spears instead) Now I am looking for advice on a build or a sanity check to tell me it's not feasible and I need to find something else. What I would like to do is run a Witch as a tank. I haven't been able to find any one else asking about it. I did find some posts discussing using 2h offensive parry build and I was thinking maybe running that build like a tank by taking my RES up high? Or ma
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