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  1. I have recently played through PoE (twice) and have started Deadfire. I have managed to keep myself mostly unspoiled on the plot and characters. To the point that the reason I played through PoE back to back was because I didn't know I could change decisions and class upon starting Deadfire. I went to Neketaka right after finishing up Port Meje and have been here a while. I have completed multiple quests in each zone. Including the Berathian Priests quest, wizards gloves quest and just finished the old city beneath The Gullet. I have also tried to push Xoti towards Eder. Right before the boss battle of the old city, I rested for probably the first time since starting the game. Upon awakening, I am hit with multiple dialogues from my companions. Eder asks me my opinion on Xoti. Maia tells me she needs some missives delivered. Xoti tells me she wants my lady bits out of nowhere and then she tells me the souls she's been collecting are making her worse. So I tell her we'll figure it out and immediately get a dialogue about taking the souls to some luminous adra OR to take it to the animancers in the city. This was very confusing as we hadn't really discussed what's going on with her AND I look at the quest log and it describes what Eothas is trying to do. I feel as the the whole thing has been spoiled for me at this point. No more mystery as to what Eothas is trying to accomplish. So my question to you: Did I just get some weird bug with Xoti where the game flung relationship and exposition at me as if I was further along? Or Is Deadfire like PoE where I need to be resting more to progress dialogue more naturally? Or something else entirely? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Good day to you! I recently played and beat PoE and I am now starting Deadfire For PoE, I played a variant of Boeroer's golden dragon build and had a blast with it. (I used spears instead) Now I am looking for advice on a build or a sanity check to tell me it's not feasible and I need to find something else. What I would like to do is run a Witch as a tank. I haven't been able to find any one else asking about it. I did find some posts discussing using 2h offensive parry build and I was thinking maybe running that build like a tank by taking my RES up high? Or maybe doing spear + shield something? Any advice or wisdom you all would share with me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
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