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  1. I'm having trouble with screenshots, but I just loaded a game to check this. I'm currently in the Beast of Winter section of the game, fighting Shambling souls. Xoti grazed one with this spell for 6 damage. Checking the full damage calculation, I see that the initial roll was 18.4, reduced by 50% for a graze, increased a bit by might and items, then reduced another 50% for Veil touched. Getting a damage roll of 18.4 on an ability where the minimum is supposed to be 124 feels like there's something wrong to me.
  2. For turn-based mode I quickly noticed that ray spells got a huge damage boost to account for them no longer getting damage ticks in real time. The description for the priest spell Hand of Weal and Woe includes this, describing damage potential in the hundreds (139 to 270 on my level 18 Xoti), but in use I've never seen it hit for more than 40 or so damage. Bug? Or am I missing something?
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