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  1. Arcane Veil with Hardened Veil looks good. You can get around 95 deflection with those which seems to rival tanks. You can also cast buffs on your self from other sources so it seems like a good emergency save me button for them. Blast and Pentrating Blast are good too. Free cheap AOE attack. No downside Grimoire slam looks like junk. Its only purpose is to break engagement. It doesn't stun or root them though so they can probably just jump right back in. It is also single target so if you are surrounded good bye. Veil looks like a better solution. Bonus spells look like junk. You always have enough for any one fight. Most smaller fights you should just be burning through your regular per encounter abilities. Also you can get rings to add more and lower level become per encounter later. Grabbing a single element damage spell seems like a good idea. Looking at the full spell list, Heart of the Storm looks best because of chain lightning. However, just pick the type you like. Spells themselves seem pretty irrelevant. I have every level 1 and 2 spell at level six thanks to raiding other people's Grimoires. It will probably be the same for 3 and 4 at least. You should probably have one talent left. I don't know about Dangerous Implements though it might be kind of cool. The damage you deal to your self is pretty tiny. There are also some defense regular talents to consider like fast runner, but those are all personal preferences.
  2. Right now I am thinking S 18 C 8 D 10 P 14 I 14 R 14 Great Sword for "reasons". Shared Front Line with Eder as the main tank. I had 12 int originally however as a front liner, the way the game seems to go having that bit of extra distance is helpful from the positioning most fights ended up in. I played up to level 4 on hard with it. The difference in health is around 30 points. However, endurance is only 6. I don't think it will effect my regular survivability in each individual fight. Still throwing the idea around.
  3. I'm having good luck with my balanced paladin right now. Stats are: M 18 C 7 D 7 P 14 I 18 R 14 I could've taken Dex and Con down further, but I've found that hurts my fortitude and reflex scores too much and negates one of the great things about Paladins. Is int that high really worth it? 14 vs 18 you gain around .6 to your radius. Which is pretty small in game terms. The duration increase I feel are kind of negligible as well.
  4. Bester's IEMod can do this using the ChangeClass command. You can't move around their attributes (yet), but you can relevel them up from 0 in whatever class. Aloth Paladin gogogo I don't see that option in the mod? Where do I find that?
  5. I wanted a new IE game. I got a new IE. The other plus is it really feels like they took all the good parts of the other games and combined them. There are some little faults and nit picks, but so far this seems really great. Exactly what I wanted.
  6. A mod to start them out at level one would do the job. At least that way you could pick a build that best fits their attributes even if some are still a little wonkey.
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