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  1. Hey, thank you for the response. In the end I finished the game just now via proton. (20-30fps with no load on any of the components. Changing the performance level does not help, there seem to be a bottleneck somewhere else. I did try. It didn't change the framerate, just the amount of heat produced by the card.) I will look into the bug, as it would seem that the game had issues because of AMDGPU driver. Thank you, again.
  2. Hello there, I have no idea how to approach this as the game keeps dying on me and actually manages to freeze my whole PC. (ryzen 1700x, asrock taichi x470, 32GB TridentZ underclocked, vega56 with current AMDGPU) I run steam on archlinux with stock kernel. The game has following symptoms: If i try to move into another area, there is the GUI but i cant see the characters, the only thing I see is the markers for moving to another area. If I load the game it loads correctly, but moving to another area has the same effect. The second, more severe problem is constant dying that actually takes my PC with it. The whole screen freezes, changes color to grey/brown and there is no reaction from the PC (does not react to numlock either) The only way I can play is using proton. But it has only 15 fps and no load on the GPU or CPU. Native, on the other hand, runs 75fps with vsync on, but kills my computer. Any ideas what could help? I have tried setting the path to native libSDL2.so with no success. thx! EDIT: Additional notes. This behavior is specific to this hardware + software. The game runs just fine on my laptop (i7 4500U, nv750m, 8GB) with archlinux on it. (But the framertate is as bad as emulated on the main PC ~15-20 FPS) EDIT: The problem during gameplay (the screen freezes but the GUI works and the game runs, just I can't see anything) is because of saving the game. After ANY save (auto, quick, normal) the screen becomes a static picture and I can interact with anything, but I don't see that.
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