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  1. right its all realy funny stuff i am sure, but write them out pls! you know the diolog/text whatever you wana call it just write it out ok?
  2. ya thanks i kinda got the feel that mira is the funny outside (or at elas thtats what she thinks she is, i think) i like that one realy well plz write them out if you can and if you want send them do dj_death12@hotmail.com it would help a lot
  3. ya what tn said i would love banter, party banter would be realy realy good any other banter would be fine too and plz if you can write i all out i`m kinda looking for ways of putting it in a fan fic story but i havn`t got the game yet (if i had i wouldn`t have asked) any help would be ever so nice thank you
  4. hey first post here so don`t kill me if i say something realy dumm on what i would like if the titel didn`t make it clear. i want party banter, as much of it as your willing too send any other kind of banter (aka with npc) would be nice too you can ether send it too here or my e-mail adress with i will give when asked for?
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