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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2wehleguub4yfjy/Jhaelit%20%28RadiantCourt%29%20%285a44a0e6-bd64-4770-9930-19df02d020ed%29%20%28764535320%29.savegame?dl=0 Let me know if that works.
  2. Ok I have a file that is close to Seafol in Radiant Court. I don't know how to get this to you though. I uploaded it to dropbox but I don't know how dropbox works so I can't figure out how to create a link. Nor can I upload with the forum file upload its too big it says.
  3. Where and how do I do this? Or I should say what would be the best way of doing this. EDIT: actually I have no idea where the saves are located.
  4. I'm stuck on the same quest. I have picked up everything that I've come across with nothing pertaining to the *Spoiler Warning* 2 skeletons that I can interact with. I hate asking for help with this but I've been through the entire tomb. I must be missing a hidden object yet I stealthed all around and found only 1 which had nothing to do with the skeletons EDIT: I figured it out.
  5. When I talk to Seafol in Dunnage and select to browse her wares it doesn't do anything just ends dialogue and no vender window. Just goes back to the game as if I didn't.
  6. Nevermind I figured out what I was missing. I wasn't bugged I just didn't do something prior to the cutscene happening.
  7. As the title says my game is glitched due to a bug. I've read another thread that says there is supposed to be a cutscene and a path opens up in the room with the 4 panels. They eventually say its fixed but didn't put how it was fixed or what we needed to do, if anything, in order to unglitch current games. I'm baffled because theres nothing I can do apparently that fixes this and reloading earlier save games did not work. So I can't progress nor do I know of a fix for this.
  8. I can't begin to explain how horrific the writing for this stupid quest was. It's so short of a quest that I honestly wonder if isn't even worth bothering to criticize, but I just can't get over the fact. Where the hell were the writers'brains when they wrote this mess. First off, WHY in the WORLD do you get a negative hit on Defiance Bay's reputation if you "HELP" Peregund, and I say help very loosely because I am left to wonder what it is I accomplished after this quest. This makes not a SINGE LICK of SENSE. If I'm helping someone who has been attacked by looters, irregardless WHO
  9. I'm not sure if it's cloud or not. That may be there reason. I don't use cloud so I didn't even think this could be the problem haha. EDIT: Just checked the cloud tab under settings it's enabled isn't checked... So no idea :/
  10. So I was attempting to zone out of a cave, and the game sat at the loading screen, nothing happening. I haven't had an issue up to this point. Solid game etc... so I figured I either found a bug or something was going on. After about 30 seconds the "program stopped responding" window popped up so I decided to close the game out. Well I started the game back up and attempted to load my latest save file. Same thing happened, so I figured maybe my save got corrupted somehow? I attempted to load a different save same thing happened. I attempted ONE more time, but this time I happened to g
  11. Oh, I wasn't there for the kickstarter. I didn't even know about it till way after. I would have put in for funding this in a HEARTBEAT. Best stretch goal for an RPG X-D.
  12. ... if it is I humbly apologize but I just came across a mechanic in the game that seroiusly had me fall madly in love with this game!!!! INNS AND HIRING.... Thats all I'm going to say *drools*
  13. Another oddity that I find, when listening to dialogue, sometimes it's voiced, sometimes it's not. And there is explanatory bits prior to the dialogue which is never read. I would love to see everything read, the explanatory bits by a general singular voice, and all the other dialogue voiced. Wishful thinking maybe but it tends to come off as a bit "half-arsed", excuse my french. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the voice-work. Just would love to see it "finished" persay.
  14. Well thankfully This is from the GoG Terms of Service. It won't get you in any trouble sharing it with your brother and if you live in the same household there aren't even any ethical concerns Well thankfully then we do indeed live in the same house X-D. Although I wonder though if we didn't would this be a problem... Well something I can look up another time.
  15. ... if I buy the GOG version, since it is DRM free, is it alright if I let my brother play it as well since he wants to play it before buying it? I already own it for steam so I might go with a DRM free copy for both me and my brother. I don't want to do this though if it's going to get us into trouble.
  16. Solid game so far but few issues I think could be tweaked or added. One thing I like very much is, if you have multiple weapon sets you actually HAVE those weapons visible on your body. So if I have in weapon slot 1 a 2h sword, and 2 a crossbow, the crossbow will show when I have the 2hander selected and visa versa. HOWEVER, for some reasons crossbows are attached to my butt. I think this is an error since I would imagine it would be on my back, not my butt. Another thing I noticed which is rather annoying, if you bind left alt/right alt to something, it doesn't work. I set left al
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