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  1. The manual I got from Steam only has 38 pages. Is it the steam one you got?
  2. Well I read on the "Keys? When?" thread that the manual was just made available recently on Steam. Go the on PoE steam page, you can access the manual in the menu to the right if you scroll down a bit. We'll know soon enough for ourselves, on the 26th...
  3. Hey guys, they changed the effects of some stats for release version, according to steam manual: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71552-stats-have-changed-according-to-the-steam-poe-manual/
  4. INT doesn't take care of both duration and range anymore, RES affects durations; deflection is given by INT instead of PER; interrupt seems to have been removed totally from stats effects. It looks like the update on the wiki recently wasn't a mistake. Back to the drawing board for the perfect party comp, ehhe! Page 4 of the manual: To access the manual, go on the PoE steam page, scroll down a bit there's a link to the manual to the right of the screen. "Perception A character’s senses, as well as their instinctive ability to pick up on details. Affects Accuracy with all attacks
  5. I was going to have my Druid as main character, but since it looks like perception is often used in dialogues, I might use Chanter as main (tank), with these stats proposed by Bazy. 3 18 3 18 18 18
  6. That convinced me, I'll put some points into Con instead of Dex, but not all, maybe like 4-5 to even things off, and I'll have to rethink a bit my other squishy melee builds, like rogue and druid...
  7. For some reason I don't really like the chanter, but I'll have to try. I feel the +2 engagement on the fighter is useful to prevent enemies from going on my weaker backline, and his modal gives quite a good Deflection too. At higher levels, he gets aoe knockdown and other defense boosting abilities that make him hard to replace as main tank. Besides, if a chanter was my main tank, I'd have to lower his defensive stats a bit to raise INT I guess. I'm looking at his higher lvl invocations though right now, and I might just pick chanter instead of paladin as my 2nd tank (which already had 18 INT
  8. Ok I'll take note of that. I thought it would be nice on the rogue to have a bonus to Interrupt with PER, the class doesn't seem to have so many abilities that would benefit from maxed INT.
  9. So if you're like me and just can't wait to play the game, you don't mind another post about build sharing! I intend to play the game on hard, without exploiting stealthing-pulling-ccing-sniping tactics, I feel it would take away the fun for me. However I want to min-max the stats on my heroes. Here's the build: Toughest frontline tank: Fighter 4 might 18 con 2 dex 20 per 14 int 20 res 2nd tank: Paladin 5 17 5 17 18 16 DPS: Melee Rogue. I don't want to go ranged with him, I feel I'll have more fun micromanaging him to keep him out of trouble. 20 8 18 14 15 3 2
  10. Player character: Wizard - because they can do so much Fighter - soaking up damage from the stronger mob with a shield Barbarian - dealing with the lesser mobs with his dual weilding skills Rogue - sneaking up from behind for crits and taking down enemy casters Priest - melee buffer/healer, making sure no enemies get past the front line to my casters, and moves in to flank once battle has started Druid - versatile caster, might serve in some animal form to get flanking bonus and assist the rogue if needed
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