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  1. Seems strange. I didn't have to pay COD. I do live in Canada. So i'm thinking maybe its import fees? Unless you do as well in which case i'm baffled. I'm in Canada, yes. I suppose my ultimate gripe here is with the presentation/wording. To my mind, that pledge on the backer page is a contract. I pay X, they deliver on Y and Z. That's the contract. The contract included a shipping charge, so that's what I paid. They don't get to rewrite that contract without my consent -- it was a mutually agreed upon contract, after all, with two parties signing off (they when they took my money, I when I paid it) -- but that's what they did. And not just WTR shipping, too; my description of the product I bought included a physical copy of the game. I got a code card instead. It's a well-made card, but still just a card. It is by no means the physical copy of the game that I ponied up for. Now, I'm happy enough with the game (I've played it to completion once, and begun a few more times with different characters, and fully plan on playing more when the updates have settled and the DLC is complete, and I know I'll be even more impressed with the game than I was the first time around) that I'm not going to DO anything about it, but again... what else do the words "physical copy of the game" mean other than a disk or a flash drive or something physical that you plug into your system to install the game? The words "breach of contract" kind of leap to mind on this one, so to Obsidian, I would just say that watching your language when putting together your offers is absolutely critical. I'm no lawyer, but changing the terms and conditions of contracts you've already accepted payment for... well, is not a best practice in business, let's just say. Tends to foster mistrust, and justifiably. Incidentally, I'm quite happy with the product I received. I don't require the physical disks (though I can easily see how others would), and everything arrived in pristine condition. so its been awhile because work was brutal and i only just went today to pick up my parcel. Turns out its NOT Duties but Taxes!? and here's the kicker HANDLING. So i sent an email to support and well see what happens next. Side note: I'm very happy with everything else and it all came intact. Would have really liked a physical copy like the first time but I'm not gonna die without it.
  2. Seems strange. I didn't have to pay COD. I do live in Canada. So i'm thinking maybe its import fees? Unless you do as well in which case i'm baffled.
  3. I got to pay COD as well in the email I received from the postal service today. Count me down as a third; sent an inquiry to support at Obsidian, a day ago. No response yet. paying more than double what I've already paid for shipping through the campaign pledge strikes me as either a gross underestimation of the actual shipping costs of the final product (in which case, that extra cost should have been absorbed by the company making that promise), or at the VERY least communicating that the costs we've already paid were more in the way of a downpayment on shipping, rather than an accurate final total. Not impressed with the way this whole fulfillment promise has been handled, to be honest. I have yet to see the actual package so I can't comment on what condition it'll be in, but I'm definitely going to wait before buying another Obsidian product. And backing? I think that's a thing of the past, frankly. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Yeah all of this is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Lesson learned. if i'm ever unsure again i'll try to inform myself better, if possible, or just not bother at all and spend my money elsewhere.
  4. So i dont know if its just me but is it normal that my package WONT be delivered to my door ( at the request of the Shipper ), I have to pick it up at the post office. I will also have to pay COD as well, what was the point of paying shipping???
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