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  1. I'm back to playing this game for the first time in a while and have just completed the 'Never Far from the Queen' quest in Act II. I've spoken to a Justicar to ask about the tower that was in my visions, and he said the tower in question is in Heritage Hill. But despite this being a main quest, Heritage Hill remains greyed out - I cannot travel there! Why not? Is my game broke? From the conversations I've been having in-game, it appears I've sided with House Doemenel, if that helps.
  2. I live in the UK, and have still not seen any email. My pledge was confirmed and my address details are all correct, but still no email.
  3. Yes. Thanks guys I've spotted it. The thought entered my mind shortly after submitting this post that I perhaps needed to go to each entrance gate individually to unlock each area. Just accessing Defiance Bay in general wasn't enough. Anyway Thanks.
  4. My Party has just started Act II in Defiance Bay but currently can only access Copperlane and First Fires. I've even agreed to do the 'Rogue Knight' quest which requires access to Ondra's Gift but the area remains greyed out. How do I open these other three areas? Is my game broken? Have I gone too far with 'Never far from the Queen'? I've visited the Temple of Woedica but not entered the Catacombs yet. Please advise.
  5. Just arrived at the Black Hound Inn in the Guilded Vale and added Aloth to the party. Looking at the character sheets I've noticed that he's a level 2 with XP of 2600/3000. My character XP reads 2300/1000. Assuming 1000 XP is what's needed to move up to level 2, but my character is still showing as level 1, and I cannot find any level up button anywhere. Can somebody please explain how characters level up in this game. Your help would be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. Only I did check the 'updates' tab on my Steam account but couldn't find anything there. Could somebody please tell me where the options to upgrade (on Steam) are located. Thanks in advance.
  7. I've preloaded and updated the Hero edition (which I ordered over a year ago). At that time I wasn't aware there would be more than one edition of this wonderful game. So naturally I would like to upgrade to the Champion edition. Is there any way I can do this short of making a full purchase of the Champion edition itself?
  8. Ok thanks. Ideally I would like the Champion edition so here's hoping I can upgrade when I download the game.
  9. I pre-ordered this game during Kickstarter (must be about 2 years ago now). The amount I pledged gave me the game and (if it happened) the first expansion. Question is, what version of the game will I get (Hero, Champion or Royal)? And can I upgrade if it is the Hero edition? There doesn't seem to be any info on this.
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