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  1. Does KOTOR II support widescreen resolutions for the PC such as 1680x1050? I have a widescreen monitor, so this is going to make or break my decision to buy the game. If it doesn't support them, then I won't be able to play it if I were to buy it. I really want to play the game, but no widescreen would be a no-go for me . Anyone with a similar monitor (I have a Dell 2005FPW) or any widescreen resolution know if it can run properly (ie. fully supports widescreen by showing you more of the game view and doesn't chop off parts of the screen or stretch to an incorrect aspect ratio)? Thanks!
  2. Games that support widescreen make it look exactly like 4:3 except with a wider view. Without it, they're like what you described. That's why I want widescreen support!
  3. I would love to have widescreen support for this game. It is one I am really looking forward to (I bought the original for Xbox, but wish I had waited for the PC version) for the PC. I have a widescreen monitor (2005FPW Dell) on the way, which will be taking its place as my main desktop's main monitor soon, and was wondering whether widescreen formats for resolutions such as 1680x1050, 1280x768, etc. etc. were going to be supported? I won't play the game if it just stretches, unfortunately . Hopefully this can be fit into the game before it ships, or as a patch. Also, if possible, any ideas on an ingame color calibration screen with sample gradients and a sample picture to test on? That would be great! Thanks for reading, -GoldenTiger .
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