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  1. , The thing about that is, when you've got a stronghold (as you can in PoE), and coffers and such, beyond the simple coinpurses of 6 individuals, eventually people will begin to trust that you're good to your word. So, even if you aren't carrying around 1,000 gold pieces, they'll trust that they can contact someone at your stronghold and procure the funds in a timely fashion. Not everyone, of course, but some people. Personally I think the idea of carrying around thousands in gold and silver is just a absurd idea. The weight alone would be a logistical nightmare as you are traveling. Wh
  2. I have always been a fan of everything having a carry weight including your gold/silver/copper. I actually liked how torchlight 2 used pets to run back to town to sell for you. I think this game could use a similar method of hiring merchants at rest areas that will take your items on consignment to town to sell for a % of your profits.
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