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  1. Ohh, im not complaining about combat being difficult or unfair or anything i know most CC are way to OP lol. Was more just that the way it worked was a surprise when i found out about it, and was curious if it was a bug or if anyone else thought the same thing
  2. I used to buff my "stole" members in BG too. I don't find this bad, it is pretty logical. The spells say "Friendly", a charmed creatures is friendly, so... It is not the best for the combat, so you must be smart. no. it's not the same thing here. here, you don't get a choice. if you are usign a CC buff, all confused enemies AUTOMATICALLY get your cc buff. no, that's plain stupid. the idea of friendly aoe spells is the caster can choose to target who gets them, that's what makes them friendly. the OP is absolutely correct, and there is no game in all of crpg history that treate
  3. This might just come down to a design choice but I honestly don't know why it acts this way its extremely frustrating Cc spells and abilities that inflict dominated, confusion or charmed are very handy spells that I recently started using. However unlike other games like BG, they turn enemies green as if they were party members instead yellow like in the BG games. So all your healing spells, auras, chants and priest buffs you cast also apply to them. Since I started using them I found the length and difficulty of battles to be increased. I would start a battle with a fireball or similar abi
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