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  1. What if as a $10,000 incentive, this allows Obsidian to create a REALLLYY buggy backbone, that serves as basic functionality and must then be taken forward by the community? I really think this will add revenue to the game. I really, really LOVE the idea of this game. But if there's no coop, how can I create memories to talk about?
  2. Hi there guys! So, I confess I am new to the whole cRPG scene and having only played the BG series I am certainly a newb. Let's hope retards don't now use that against me. So I have only played it with a friend and to be honest that's the only way I feel comfortable playing it. This is because I just feel like a lonely sod especially in the vastness of the Sword Coast universe!! To me it feels like Baldurs Gate is BETTER with coop, I know a lot of your don't share this view. However I believe it can't hurt to add it at some point. And with a budget of 4 million dollars, I don't really think it's too hard to push for. Especially since we're looking at a 3 mill budget for the Baldurs series anyway! And that was THEN, the technologies needed to test the Infinity Engine have been greatly overpowered in this day and age. Anyway, on to my main point. I totally agree with you. If it's going to take away from the SP experience don't ****ing make it. HOWEVER! What if you say, dedicated a month to creating a stable backbone netcode, then released the source code to the community and setup a competition for say 1,000 dollars on who could complete it? Thoughts?
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