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  1. I have a Wii U and love it, but as someone who likes to watch the industry and see trends I doubt SP:SoT would sell on the Wii U enough to justify all the work that would go into a Wii U version. Aside from the fact that only 3.5ish million consoles have sold so far you have to factor in owner demographics. I don't have that data myself but my gut says that many Wii U owners bought their systems for the family friendly games that Nintendo makes. That being said I don't think sales would be very high on Wii U. I could be completely wrong but that's what my gut tells me. I think more lucrative p
  2. Contrary to popular belief - it's not as simple as "Open PS3 file. Select Save As PS4." If it were - everyone would be doing it. Sadly I'm still learning the basics of programming so though I do understand what you mean by this I would like to ask a question: Since PS4 (and Xbox One) run on a more windows based (x86) operating system would it acttualy be easier to port over the PC version of the game?
  3. That's true, and a very good point. I would personally like a a physical copy of the game (I'm a bit of a video game collector) so that's why I'd ask for a PS4 copy if it were possible for Obsidian to do.
  4. From all the gameplay footage I've seen the game is a JRPG meets ARPG. That being said, no I don't expect any multiplayer.
  5. I have to agree I'd like to see SPSoT come out on PS4 and/or Xbox One. I'm keeping my PS3 active JUST for this game but I would prefer to mothball it and play it on PS4 if they launch it on that.
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