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  1. darn, the +1 is from gloves and +3 from a cape :s
  2. With my main charactr I have 10 perception. but with various items, food, and rest bonus I should reach 18... but adding or not the +1 from a pair of gloves doesn't increase the value at all. Is there a limit to how many +X you can get on one skill or is it a bug?
  3. Save game & other data https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/968178/pillars-of-eternity-blindness.7z
  4. I have the same issue.. Looking for a solution online I found that if you remove the players with the blindness debuff from your party, and then add them again the debuff is gone. The problem is when you main character has it. I have to stop playing now.. having a permanetly blinded barbarian in the group and being unable to switch it out makes fights more difficult
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