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  1. So, 40GB is a lot, (like, a whole lot,) but I was just barely able to find the space on the 128GB SSD in my laptop. I installed GOG Galaxy and triiiied to install. That failed. Kind of? Galaxy gave me useless info about it neither being installed nor installable. It seemed roughly the right size, and POE2 would start, but it couldn't start new games. Tried to get help from GOG, but got frustrated and downloaded the offline install files, taking up too much space on the SSD, naturally. So, I cleared out an SD card enough and started to install to it to the SD card. File integrity seems successfully checked. But now, it regularly spams me with flurries of error messages, all the same: Internal error: Expression error 'Runtime Error (at 500:57): Out of string range.' I click these away, expecting install to fail, but it seems to keep going. But it's taken dozens of these errors to get to 15% installed, and I have little to no hope that continuing might be successful. I searched the internet and this forum (which took forever, given the "flood protection".) Couldn't find anything on this. Any ideas what the heck is going on? Attaching my dxdiag.txt. Thanks, tristanofalls DxDiag.txt
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