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  1. So. Looks like Tumblr is down today? Limerick haters: grow up. Adjust to the world. It's sure as f@@k not going to adjust to you, especially with your attitude of entitlement and hypocrisy.
  2. I will never forget my Ultima IV cloth map. Still have it around in one of my computer drawers, banging around with the 5.25 floppies. Maybe it's just me, since I also spend hours staring at topo maps for hikes and climbs, but there is nothing like looking at a place on a map and thinking "I wonder what's there?" or "That looks like a nice place for a dungeon/secret/etc, I want to find out what is there." I have not personally seen one of the cloth maps for PoE, but if they really are low quality that is a pity. Wonder who the printer is, had anyone determined whether the same printer was used for Wasteland 2?
  3. I'm seriously loving the game, I feel like I did back in the days of BG and PS:T - going to bed way too late, getting up early to sneak in a few minutes, and cruising the sites while I'm at work. It's unhealthy, I love it. On to the question. I picked a voice that is turning out to be a little wearing over the course of repeated acknowledgments when given commands (mostly for the family members stuck in the game room with me > ). Can anyone tell me if there is a way to change my main character voice selection?
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