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  1. Emptiness. I said I don't feel like microing *every single encounter*. Microing special, more difficult fights is something I enjoy immensely. But movement and positioning *is* something I expect to sort itself out by formation and weapon ranges, so Melees will always melee and ranged will always stop moving at main range - leaving the chanter either to close at the front or the back, at least in my experience. Even in narrow dungeon corridors you have this problem of having to fiddle a lot to cover everyone with phrases, and I just don't believe this is the way it's supposed to be.
  2. "You create one with 18-20 Int like most everybody else" -- How am I supposed to know that, if game + documentation recommends something else entirely? Am I that silly in assuming that a chanters dev-designed purpose is to buff everyone / debuff all enemies, so stats are recommended for exactly that purpose? "but since YOU are designing your Chanter for a specific purpose" -- that a Chanter being able to buff the entire party / debuff all enemies should NOT be a "specific purpose" (as in: deviation from the intended functionality of a chanter) is exactly the point of my original post
  3. So how do I create a chanter with 24 INT and without severely hobbling them in other areas than being able to perform their core functionality? Since I'm trying to play a chanter as my main character, I'd like to have more dialogue options than just those provided by INT (apart from the fact that I don't feel like playing a 'superhuman genius level intellect' chanter to begin with - why Int affects chanter range and not Resolve is beyond me anyway). 16 INT should be more than enough for a 'highly recommended stat' at character creation (since Con and Res are recommended as well). And no, I
  4. When I read 'LARGE, AoE low-level buffs and debuffs' in the chanter's description, I thought "great, I can help and hinder across the entire battlefield with my chants!' Not quite. The chant circles are really small, even with max INT, so if I stay at maximum range with a ranged weapon (playing an elf here), my chants do not even come close to reaching the melee camp (or enemies, for that matter). So the way it is now, I have to decide if I want to be a melee chanter and buff the melee camp (and choose some debuff auras for enemies too) or be a ranged chanter and buff the ranged camp (
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