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  1. Lowering to fullscreen 720p did it, thanks. All in all its well optimized for UE4 engine, well done.
  2. I just finished most of the quest on Monarch, have to get the chemicals from Byzantium and I wanna go through Nyoka's quest on Edgewater. I land there, try to exit the ship with her and Parvatti and when exiting ship game crashes. I seem to run out of memory, 16GB on latest Win 10. Happened to me as well when I was entering Byzantium, at that time I had pagefile set just to 1-8GB. Increasted it to 20GB and all loaded. After finishing Byzantium main quest I tried going back and same issue. Lowering settings to lowest to try to reduce memory load didn't help. Quicksave before ship exit included. Quicksave01.7z
  3. Of all the Kickstarter project I backed (19 projects) Pillars of Eternity is the one I am most excited about. From what we can see the quality is just awesome, which is not regular thing in Kickstarter (ya hear Planetary Annihilation?). Thank you Obsidian, lets hope this is just a beginning of making more awesome games like PoE. ) Now I will probably play PoE(Path of Exile) until relase of PoE(Pillars of Eternity) [what a confusion this will be ))].
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