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  1. Keep in mind his CPU has a TDP of around 17W which is also shared by the integrated GPU. Boosting one may lead to more throttling on the other.
  2. Hi. After zooming in 5 steps and then zooming back out 5 steps, the image does not look like it did originally. Instead, it is rather blurry. I suspect this is caused by floating point imprecision not allowing the zoom level to return to exactly 1.0, triggering up/downscaling. Some screenshots for comparison: http://imgur.com/a/OqZrg (yes, those are lossy jpegs, but it's still clearly visible) I currently work around this by using "setZoomRange 1 100", thus not allowing zooming in at all and automatically clamping the value to exactly 1.0 in case the same thing happens for zooming out (haven't tested extensively which zoom levels trigger this). I realize this might seem like a minor bug to some, but it is a bug nonetheless and I did notice it pretty quickly.
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