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  1. While the limerick that the devs have been "encouraged" to change is better in a way, I, for one, am very happy to not have to be exposed to such a crimejoke thanks to the vigilance of well-intentioned people working for the betterment of humanity, one crimejoke at a time.
  2. I normally try to stay away from things like this, especially these days where everyone seems to be offended over everything every time. Still, having backed that game, I'll add this tiny post to the "don't change it" side. Maybe I'm wrong but I've noticed in increasing trend where moral outrage on social media (twitter or elsewhere), is enough to "encourage" creators to change their art. Others have said it way better than me but, in the end, even if that backer submitted joke was offensive, I would want it to stay. I want to be offended, I don't want to be coddled. Going after what peop
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