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  1. Yeah, about that "shipping soon". Over here in the Netherlands DHL just dropped my physical order off. In my backer portal it still says "shipping soon" and I never got any tracking info. *shrug* The painted miniatures are kind of bad (which was to be expected), but best girl Pallegina looks all right and frankly she's the only one of the three minis I care about. Can anyone confirm if the card with the Backer Portal Key is effectively a second copy of the base game, if you have already activated the game previously via the Backer Portal? I was going to ask about that. My order has yet to show up, and I haven't gotten any tracking info, yet. It must mean Scandinavia is taking some extra days to start getting stuff. I had the exact same question so thanks for the answer Now the thing is, if I want to gift the second key that means I have to physically open the box... Now that's a conundrum...
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