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  1. When I use melee as a check against large chest, I can't use my squire. Against the satyre, that requires a dexterity check, Blessing of Erastyl gives me 1 dice and Calistria 2. Logically, it should be the opposite The more mysterious to me: I play a throwaxe +1, so my check is 1D12 +1D8 +3, then I play an archer an my check becomes 1D8 +2D4 + 1. (https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoDD8s523-oKh3HKn2-m3UVzn_u6)
  2. Ok https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoDD8s523-oKh094j0UCfzClntLs there will 3 screenshots one that shows me as a celestial (well, there is no definitive proof in the screenshot, but trust me, it was the role I selected last in the role choice) one which shows my role power which is an abyssal one one with the abyssal role where this power is not considered active Cheers, Guillaume
  3. When I had to choose a role, I hesitated with Seoni. What I think I did is that I selected an abyssal ability to see what it did, then I went back to celestial. The result is that my role is celestial, but I have no celestial ability. When I play with her: there is the abyssal ability to discard an ally while it's not my role this ability is not checked if I look at the abyssal role I have the screenshots if you need them(I did not find a way to upload them). while I'm on roles, will there be the possibility to change powers? It would be great when you realize you didn't take a good one.
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