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  1. The truncated number issue also happened to me, so very frustrating.
  2. They didn't. The backer gave consent for it to be changed. Obsidian did nothing wrong. They actually did, they ****ed up the second they backed away because a few poeple on Twitter got butthurt over a dumb joke.
  3. Just tell me, what's next? If there's an insult against a blonde person in the game, is Obsidian going to cave in again when a certain blonde person gets offended and launches a hate campaign on Twitter? Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my ****ing signed collector's edition I paid almost three hundred dollars for, which is nowhere to be seen. Maybe you should set your priorities straight, Obsidian, and maybe, just *maybe*, you should not be ****ing cowards who cave in to demands of extremists.
  4. The joke was not even ****ing transphobic, you were free to interpret it any way you pleased!
  5. I can't even begin to describe how dissapointed I am. The person who first brought attention to this "issue" is a hateful individual who cares about nothing but creating hate campaigns. I've said it once, and I'll say it again -- and it really pains me to say it. Obsidian, you have *no ****ing spine*. I'm not going to support your next game in any way.
  6. Just in case you're not trolling... get some proffesional help, because you're not right in the head, mate.
  7. I'm going to explain this once, which you will no doubt ignore. How high is the possiblity of there being an actual killing spree against men by "SJWs"? Ok, how many times has the panic defense actually been used by murder defendants? Also, are you going to post here again or did you make an account just for that? It does not matter how high the possibility is, what's freaking me out is that this person is actually serious about it. I've read the tweets, and wow, I think the amount of times I've shaked my head might've been enough to power a continent for a year...
  8. Yes, the fact that someone that actively promotes genocide and someone that was a former neo-nazi got the ear of Obsidian so easily is pretty disturbing, the minimum background check should reveal this, the fact that veteran game developers with 20-30 years of experience in the industry bow down to the wishes of these people are clearly crazy (and yes promoting genocide is crazy) is pretty telling, these demands should have been dismissed immediately after people saw where they coming from. I'm looking forward to when this thread progresses to its natural conclusion and consists entirely of speculation over Zoe Quinn's sex life. This makes your whole position really laughable. I hope you know this. It really doesn't. Should the line be pulled? This is the question. Instead we think the main issue is running background checks on the people who first noticed it. Frankly the person who first noticed this should be in a mental hospital. Have you read her other tweets?
  9. I remember Chris Avellone saying in an interview once that there was an NPC in Fallout 2 that wasn't allowed to use racial slurs against an Asian person, yet the player was free to blow up children reverse-pickpocketing dynamite on them -- hell, you could just shoot children anytime you wanted in that game. And I remember him saying how political correctness was bull**** in that regard. And here we are, in 2015, allowing a hateful, overly sensitive Twitter personality dictate what should and shouldn't be in a game. If Obsidian caves in to that pressure, then they have no ****ing spine.
  10. TotalBiscuit has explained pretty well in his latest SoundCloud.
  11. "Anti-trans" my ass. The discussion under that tweet is completely ridiculous, I had no idea people like this actually existed. Can we not joke about *anything* anymore without these groups getting their knickers in a twist?
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