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  1. Fallout 1 and 2 almost literally let you speech your way out of the end boss (though less so in Fallout 2), and that fact is part of what made those fallout games great (i.e. investing in Speech and Charisma instead of gun skills was not a dead-end for finishing the game). You could kind of do that in F:NV, too. So I'm perfectly fine with Obsidian giving players a non-violent option for Ukaizo... with the new DLC and megabosses it's not even the hardest fight in the game anymore. Still, I wish it was a bit more clear about how to avoid it and not, so it's less of a surprise when players don't
  2. You all lucky to even spoke to the boss. I just arrived at Ukaizo today. I just waltz to Ondra' spire without even seing a boss or anyone. Only because I looked up where the guardian was that I knew that I was supposed to fight it on the harbour . My play : - eventually sided with the VTC - blew up the powder storage of the RDC - almost ided with the Principi: sided with Aedy, killed Furrante, when on to get the Floating Hangman, but never turned it . - went to Ukaizo with the ghost ship, fought a bunch of principi - I release the water dragon ( keept a part of its soul) , so it help
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