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  1. I have started on a rather simple module that aims to give players real choices. Currently I am working on building the maps and testing the transitions links between them. Most exterior area maps are linked and the player is free to explore them in any combination. Map 1. Road to Wheaton. This map has an inn whose owners are desperatley seeking their missing son (the map also has a cave where the missing boy can be found, and a cave that is the lair of wolves) and a bandit that encourages the player to attack the innkeepers and take their gold (a Good and an Evil Quest - that provides the
  2. If the PC is a Wizard or Cleric he can cast a spell to know Eleven, of if a thief he may be able to use a speak languages scroll (that also allows one to read languages). But getting back to the issue of languages, knowing a languages is kinda like your race check, as Elves automatically know Common and Elven and if you know Elven you have a greater chance to gain the favor of an Elven NPC, than does someone who does not know Elvish or their customs. Why? I assume that if you know how to speak Elven, you are also familiar with their customs - i.e. no penalty to diplomacy checks. I see
  3. Language Skills are one of the many skills overlooked by most RPG, including TOEE and NWN2. Its a skill that really sets apart the races and could be used to provide a good reason to include an elf or dwarf in your party, and a reason to spend a skill point on learning a language instead of improving another skill. Dwarves speak Dwarven and Common, Elfs speak Elven and Common. In my games if a PC does not speak the native language of the targeted creatue he suffers a -5 penalty to charisma based checks. That means that although a human and dwarf may both speak common, the human wil
  4. Its a lot of different consequences, but together they make for a coherent evil strategy; bring the prirates onto your side, then slay the high priest of Hommlet, and finally attack Hommlet before the forces of good mobilize to attack the Temple of Elemental Evil once more. The first three would be simple to script, the last one would take some work - but imagine the scene, the PCs are in the temple of Elemental Earth when they hear the sounds of battle, rushing out they encounter the forces of Good sweeping through the first lower level of the temple. The evil PCs engage in a series of ru
  5. TOEE Combat, Here are links to You Tube Video that demostrates Combat in TOEE: Sample Temple of Elemental Evil Combat Video from YouTube 2nd TOEE Combat Video These videos illustrate the type of combat I would like to see in NWN, good old fashioned tactical combat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That said, a major weakness of TOEE was that player decisions had no long term consequences on game play. Example, completing the quests for the Evil Earth Temple did not change the game for the player. Same adve
  6. TOEE was too predictable. The same NPCs were always at the Inn, there were never different NPCs visiting Hommlet. TOEE; and other games, could be improved by making town encounter areas less predictable. What if with each visit to the inn there was a chance for a randomly selected NPC(s) to be present, in addition to the inn's standard customers. If I visit an inn I want to be surprised by whom I find there. Perhaps a traveler with news of the world, a visiting thief looking to pick a pocket, a drunken warrior looking for a fight, a band of men with something against halfings, or
  7. TOEE (and NWN too) also omitted two key skills - jumping and swimming - now rolled into one skill (Athletics) in 4th edition rules. Jumping and swimming allow characters to traverse dangerous obstacles. Imagine characters swimming across a river to avoid a guarded bridge, or leaping across a cravase to access a lever on the far side. To keep the implementation simple I would have liked to see a character that failed its swim check drowns or lose all the inventory and equipment it carries. Imagine swimming a river and in the process losing all of your equipment. That makes for a gre
  8. I agree with you on the criticism of the story that TOEE was based on. It was a simple dungeon crawl where the NPC's did not respond to your PC's actions nor give you a good reason to venture forth, and NO wandering monsters! It could have been so much better, but Troika mismanaged the project; and admitted so in a post-game post. They are now in the dustbin of history (kaput). I agree that Troika should have included an easy to use editor with the game; however, modders at c08.org have posted how to add new conversations, maps, create new creatures and add new spells, and also spiced up t
  9. TOEE had lots of monsters. In that area they did it really well - everything from gelationous cubs to carrion crawlers, giant ants, orcs, hill giants, trolls, giant frogs, giant fish, hags, shreeker mushrooms, giant crabs, etc. The giant frog actually swallowed characters. It was relatively easy for the modding community to create new ones and enlarge or shrink existing ones. That said, it was never updated. I would have liked to seen a subscription option - say $10 a month for a year that would have provided the TOEE subscriber with new content monthly; a. New Monsters! b. New Spells
  10. I think that Atari could quickly turn around a really good D&D game by building on the ToEE engine and having the developer make the world more immersive, less predictable and more responsive to the player party's actions. Such a game would be for players that are more interested in turn-based combat as opposed to the NWN style combat.
  11. Another feature missing from TOEE was World Changing Events, something that you can create in NWN2! A world changing event is where the player's choices dramatically change the game map in a dramatic way. Let me give you an example in NWN2 Terms; Example 1: A player visits a village and is told of an advancing goblin horde. The player can decide to remain and defeat the attacking orcish army OR leave the area and abandon the villagers to face the horde alone. Choice 01 - If the player stays and defeats the horde (i.e. Quest completed) any time they return to this destinatio
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I overlooked this. (PS: A lawful good cleric can select the Good and Evil domains!)
  13. Since this thread is for the best of TOEE vs NWN here are a few more thoughts; TOEE handled Clerics better than NWN. 1. Your choice of alignment restricted the diety that you could select. 2. Your choice of deity affected which domains that you could select and your favored weapon. 3. You could be become fallen in TOEE! and lose you powers until you atoned for your deeds. TOEE also fell short in several areas when dealing with Clerics; 1. You could slay all the villagers of Hommlet and still atone for your crimes from a good priest. I would liked to have seen a system w
  14. Re: Overland Map, Storm of Zahir and TOEE both had an overland map and wilderness encounters. The problem with both games was that these encounters were too predictable and always occured on the same map and were basically the same type of enconter; Monster Attacks, I Kill Monster. Both games could have been improved with; a. Random Encounter Maps a1. Maps that really force you to explore the area - the exit tile is not always in front of you. a2. Maps with raging rivers, bridges that must be crossed to contine your journey, etc. a3. Maps where one side or the other has
  15. Just purchased Storm of Zahir, and it got me thinking of what I like in an RPG. First, I really like the flexibility and immersive qualities of the NWN2 engine, and its get better with each expansion. You can design a game world that can be as detailed and interactive as you want. Second, I really liked the tactical combat aspect of Atari's Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil game. For those who haven't played it, in TOEE during the combat phase movement control was a simple Me Go, You Go system with control passing back and forth based between the characters and monsters based
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