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  1. Arsene Lupin's post in Deadfire freezes during intro cinematic -- during the last line of voiced dialog. was marked as the answer   
    Hm... I've never really monitored GPU usage. Watching the Catalyst Control Center w/ the game running in windowed mode, I noticed the activity percentage oscilated a bit between 45 and 75% for most of the trek rightward. It never hit 99%, but the moment the game crashed it fell to zero. Not sure if that means anything.
    FWIW I'm using an older ATI card.
    Guess I'll try maxing out the AMD overdrive thing, see if that effects anything, but I doubt it will.
  2. Arsene Lupin's post in [CTD] Alt-Tab crashes the game was marked as the answer   
    You can get around that by setting the game mode to windowed. Keep the display resolution set to your display's default, and it will still appear to be fullscreen--only now you can alt-tab without crashing.
    And, hopefully, unlike me you won't have to deal with the game constant crashing at random.
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