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  1. Is there a reason why I cannot customize KB-M PC controls in this game or is it that badly optimized on PC!? Because seriously in 2019 there should be no reason why you can't customize controls on a PC game.
  2. Well looks like I won't be touching another obsidian game for as long as I live now that Microsoft is bought the company cuz honestly Microsoft is a s*** company wouldn't touch them with the f****** 10FT POLE looks like RPGs isometric as we know it pretty much s*** the bed and will not be existing much longer obsidian you were very f****** stupid in allowing this to happen and unfortunately you'll be losing a s*** ton of customers including myself.
  3. What I would really majorly enjoy is if they made a game like Baldur's Gate where you had the option of choosing between 23 different companions! Like seriously! Come on guys get more creative for Pete's sakes! There never has been another game like Baldur's Gate when it comes to companion choices and it really bugs my backside! As much as I don't like them now Dragon Age almost. With the good idea but then again you could only have 4 companions. Srry didn't notice your post but MHO no BGv never had to many.
  4. Okay so I'm playing this game and I'll honestly admit it's ok so far although I haven't left the town yet at the beginning but as I was just starting to like the graphics and animation (was really enjoying the bow being bent back as I slung an arrow) I went and loaded up today to start playing another game and all of a sudden that animation disappears!!! And to make matters worse find out you can ONLY wear hats if you prefer a BALD character because thats what you end up being!! YOUR HAIR F'N DISAPPEARS!! WTF?!?!
  5. So I'm continuing my character from pillars of Eternity one got it mostly done except when I tried to find my character portrait from the original game low and behold it's not here what the hell? So how do I transfer portraits from the original game over to the second one!?
  6. Why not Paradox for publisher? why the hell are we getting a no name when paradox has a great track record with Obsidian already PoE, Tyranny,.
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