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  1. I've always felt that settings needed a god or goddess that is simply beyond comprehension, but is still a prominent force in the world. To this end, here's an idea I've been working on for my own home-brew pantheon on and off for a couple years now. The Zen. Zen is a being of true unpredictability. Zen should not be confused with other beings that are wild and uncontrollable for the sake of being wild and controllable; Zen simply finds that the best way to reach a destination is to take every road leading to the desired end. Genderless by choice, Zen is both a male and female power at once, and he is an embodiment of paradox just as much as she is a rational, logical entity. Her logic and reason is what he hides from all others, not her actions themselves. To this end, Zen is unknowable by mortals and other deities, whom are likely to see only unpredictability or madness. Zen is precisely what he wants to be, when she wants to be it-- but her appearance will always serve one of his ends, as countless and unknowable as they are. In time, he may declare a love of a set form, but until then, she will remain as ever-changing as his nature demands her to be. Zen is many things. Understandable and predictable are not among them. She is not wild, reckless, or rebellious. He desires to see her ends met by whatever path he needs to take to see them achieved; being limited by the perceived boundaries of reality is only a minor difficulty to Zen. Nobody-- perhaps not even Zen herself-- knows exactly what his reason is in shaping creation or anything within it. Some may believe that it is to create and shape things that exist outside of the knowledge of other spirits-- how could even an all-knowing being know what is unknowable? Such quandries form the core of what Zen is, and what Zen has yet to be within creation-- the everything... and the nothing. Portfolio/Domains (if such things are relevant): Artifice/Creation, Chaos, Knowledge, Madness, Order Associated Rituals: Zen has no key rituals associated with him, though many will invoke her name as a charm to encourage change-- most notably from bad luck to good. "Zen's Blessing" can be considered either a boon or a curse, depending on the context of its usage. While Zen has a surprising amount of worshippers from all ranks of creation (for she asks little of her followers, making her one of the easiest gods to worship), there is a curious prominence of geniuses and madmen in her congregation, and it seems that those of great wit or intelligence are drawn to Zen's existence as a moth to an open flame.
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