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    RPG: CRPG, P&P, LARP, GMing; Strategy Games; Language: DE, FR, EN, xl8, l10n; Sports: Swimming, Diving, Sailing, Aikido, Judo, Karate; IT: Win, Lin, XML, HTML, PHP, Perl;


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About Me

Liantefaron (Quenya: Hunter of Spiders) is a young elven ranger. A mere hundred and thirty years old, he has just left his home forest to see what there is to see, to visit other tribes, to tell and hear stories. And to hunt giant spiders, of course. Occasionally, he smokes some weed and dances to get visions from his nature deity.

Liantefaron was a pen&paper character I had the pleasure to play for a decade or so. The above description fits the elf as he started out. He grew to some kind of weird elvish nature paladin and respected bar brawler later.


Christopher, on the other hand, is a mixed French/German man in his mid thirties living in Germany. He works freelance as German/French/English technical/IT translator. He's been gaming since 1994 and GMing with a variety of RPG systems (or even system-less) since not much later. Since 2001, he is also playing and GMing LARPs. Apart from that, he is into CRPGs, strategy games, water sports, Japanese martial arts, fantasy and science fiction reading and literary anthropology (roughly: deducting the world view of societies based on how their authors wrote books). Apart from that, he dabbles in web coding and fools around with the Perl programming language.

And he wouldn't mind Obsidian asking him to translate game content for them. Hint, hint.

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