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  1. It turns out the easiest way to get me to register for a forum is to ask me to create a god, here goes: The Lord of Swords (also known by some as The Blacksmith) The story of the Lord of Swords is one of caution, a warning to those of the dangers of not taking pride in one's work. In the time before times a simple blacksmith was given a simple task, to create a sword fit for battle. The man who approached him offered little in payment, but was desperate in his pleas. The blacksmith, while simple, was not particularly poor, but even though the amount being offered was slightly less than he'd take for such a task, he accepted the payment and began work. The fire blazed and steel sang, the blacksmith worked into the night, eventually looking on his sword, he had worked hard, but there was still much work to do. He wiped his brow and though, "if I am to only receive a partial payment, surely it is ok to deliver a sword worth it's price." he fit the sword with a proper hilt, giving it a few swings to check the balance and went to bed. When he woke he gave the man his sword, wrapped in cloth and thought nothing more of it. Within a few months a story filtered down, a great man had led a force to battle, rallying agaist an oppressive tyrant however in the fight his sword shattered, and before his death he cursed the man who made it. The gods heard this plea and cursed the blacksmith not with death, but with a life eternally devoted to his mistake, he was to make 4 swords, one for each piece of the sword that broke, taking a thousand years to forge each one, and no rest. After his deed was done, he is now said ro watch over those who forge, and serve as a reminder that everything you make should be forged to the extent of your ability, lest you marr your name as your work fails. The swords themselves are said to still exist, and rumors will occasionally swell of a kingdom who holds one in their keep, they are said to be the most masterful swords in existence, a perfect attempt to right a wrong. and on each of them, on the tang of the blade is the true name of The Blacksmith. Sprung from this, is the Cult of the Sword, a fantaical blacksmith's Guild dedicated to forging the perfect sword, much like the story, on the tang of each sword is written what they believe to be the secret name of The Lord of Swords, written in an ancient text. These swords, while far from god like are phenominal works of art, and can sometimes take a master half his lifetime to create
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