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  1. Hello, This is my first post on this forum and I hope my english will be as good as possible. I'm very excited about this project. I didn't took the time to read everything on this topic but I see a lot of interesting ideas. Here is my modest contribution: 1) The concepts: -ancient and young gods - Seven aspects: ancient gods who are mostly forgotten but not completly inactive. They are related to the beginning of the universe -immortals: young gods are related to civilization concepts and are very active and worshiped. -races don't have a specific pantheon but some will have an affinity to a specofoc god. 2)Ancient gods represent the primal forces of the universe, from the older to the younger they are: -the Aspect of the void, from who everything emerged. He's the most neutral and apparently inactive. His doctrine would be inspired from taoism. He is also the representation of all the interraction and interdependencies betwin gods. -Aspect of light, twin of the aspect of shadow and father of the aspect of life. He emerged from the void. He is related to light (ofc lol), vision, day, neutral -Aspect of shadow. She is the mother of the aspect of death. She emerged from the void. She is related to darkness, night, rest. -Aspects of earth (and sky) emerged from the first union (eclipse) of light and shadow. He is related to landscapes, rocks, hardness, quakes and especially to mountains and volcanos. -Aspect of sky emerged from the first eclipse. He is related vertigo, swiftness, wind, shouts and storms. -Aspect of fire emerged at beginning of the second eclipse. She is related to heat, purification, destruction and balance through renewal. -Aspect of water emerged at the end of the second eclipse. She is related to cold, seas, lakes and chaos. -Aspect of Life emerged at the beginning of the third and last eclipse as the masterpiece of all the aspects. Aspect of life is related to emotions, activity and above all desire. -Aspect of Death emerged at the end of the third eclipse. Her existence introduced strange new concepts to the aspects: good and evil. Considered as an abomination for some aspects, as the perfection of balance for others. She is related to strife, rancor, mourning, quietness (rest of the dead) and fate. Never had the aspects been so opposed against each other. A schism appeared and a strife started. At the end the aspects were all wounded and weakened. From their blood and tears emerged the immortals, divine incarnation of their feelings, their strife but also their reconcilliation and their rancors. At the end of the strife, the aspects agreed to never create new aspects and they withdraw from the world. Nonetheless they changed, influenced by the feelings and emotion induced by the two youngest aspects. Only the void and the four elements remained totally neutral. The manifestations of the aspects (light, shadow, life and death) are hidden. They deceive and inflence the immortals to achieve their individual goals: -restore their strength by killing immortals who inherits from them -acquire the power of other aspects by killing immortals related to them -restore the "balance" according to their own will, like destroying all the immortals, or make all the aspects to disolve themselves completly by creating more immortals. -destroy all the mortals and build a new world WITH the immortals -... 3)Even if The immortals may be the the result of the strife, they are independant and smart enough to deceive the aspects. Only an immortal can kill another immortal. They can grow more powerfull by killing each other. The power of an immortal directly depend of the number and the souls strengh of its worshipers. Immortals can command inquisitions to decimate their enemies follower, or convert them with force or deception. A legend amongst the immortals state that the one who grow strong enough can become the ultimate and omnipotent aspect. But some the immortals are also attached to their worshipers and love them. Influenced by some aspects, many alliances were born betwin immortals to counter the most powerfull ones. Some immortals sometimes fell in love with mortals and procreated with them (the absolute sin amongst all immortals and aspects). The children of this unions are still mortals, but their soul is tainted by their divine ancestry, which gives them the ability to kill an immortal and therefore becomming an immortal. Here are some example of immortals: -Godess of healing (good, water, light) -God of protection (good, earth, life) -God of war (chaos, destruction, fire, death) -God of knowledge (void, light, shadow) -Godess of vengeance (evil, shadow, night,death, fire) -God of Order (light, fire, ) -Godess of fertility (light, water, earth, life, heat, good) -God of tyranny (evil, death, earth, sky, destruction) -God of art (water, sky, life, void, good) -Godess of justice (light, fire, purification, sky, law) -God of madness(shadow, void, water, chaos) -Godess of wild nature (earth, forest, mountain, water, life) -God of wrath (sky, thunder, tempest, fire, earth, volcanos, quakes, death, evil, chaos) -God of magic(void, life, death, chaos) ... I hope those few ideas could help you. I improvised this in two hours, sorry if it isn't enough detailed. If ever this idea interests you and you want me to detail it, mail me. I'll be glad to help! Thank you Obsidian for project eternity. As I knew you will fund it with kickstarter, The hope I lost for rpg when Dragon Age 2 was released has reborn
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