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  1. I think splitting aspects among gods can be interesting so that more than one deity has shared but clashing spheres of influence. For instance a god of wine/merriment/food might also cover lust/excess/belligerence, Whereas the god of love/passion/romance might also have influence over refinement/politeness/nobility. To see them clash over issues of 'courtly romance/intrigue' would be interesting. (not suggesting there needs to be romance per se, but its a convenient example) The other interesting thing to do would present amoral but complicated arrangements of influence among individual deities. It's easy enough to say this is a god of war, that's a god of love, etc. But if one god were to embody a season, say winter, they could embody both the cold harshness and merciless nature of the season, but also a somewhat 'positive' aspect in the vein of (cold) logic, self-reliance, able bodiness, preparedness, etc. A lesser god or demi-god might represent the balancing of this by representing the "warmth" of the season in the hearth or in the (traditionally European) gift giving/kindness/mercy Mixing personifications of abstract concepts (death, love, creativity, etc) in the greek/roman style with personifications of nature (seasons, storms, natural elements, rivers/mountaints/etc) in a pseudo shinto/eastern way could be really cool as well. Throw in a few Norse/Scandanavian gods and you've got a real melting pot of godliness going on and prime real-estate for possibility.
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